What’s up with this?

Isaac Bashevis Singer said, “The waste basket is the writer’s best friend.”

Dr. Sam Gore, my sister’s mentor and an internationally acclaimed artist and sculptor, said that he couldn’t really critique her work until she completed a hundred sketches.

Hence my goal of writing a hundred stories for the trashcan. And since I won’t complete each story if I actually chunk it in the trash, I figured I’d post the learning lessons instead.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but some of us are better using a thousand words than taking pictures. Plus, I like story time. So here are a few stories of people, experiences, and emotions that make me feel something…in a snapshot of a few hundred words.



P.S. I do use Oxford Commas here. Because I miss them in my adult life.

I only ask that you remember that a story is a blip of memory. It captures a moment or two of history, and rarely reflects my ongoing attitude toward the situation/experience. Example: in one of the first stories about dancing, I described my struggle as I became more aware of the internal insecurities that often surface at dances. That was how I truly felt in that moment. But, I generally enjoy dances.



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